Toxic Masculinity

The controversial Gillette ad caused much anger around the world amongst MOST men because in Gillette’s eye only SOME men know how to behave which implies that MOST men have to be lectured to do the right thing. Gillette was sure that they can easily handle the shitstorm around the ad on the internet and even more sure that women, who will now buy more P&G products exactly because of this ad, will totally outnumber men who are only boycotting Gillette in the future. Fanboys and Fangirls of the ad start to buy large quantities of their razors even if they don’t need it just to show Gillette’s business is still strong and the ad didn’t hurt them.

There is one thing Gillette and P&G didn’t think of which could hurt them really badly and will cost them an enormous amount of money – millions of phone calls.

Cure toxic masculinity

Now here is the deal – all Gillette and P&G employees have been for sure taught and trained what “toxic masculinity” is and how this “disease” can be cured. Let’s assume every second or third of the MOST offended men by this ad worldwide just makes one phone call to any random enmployee of Gillette and P&G anywhere on the world and asks them politely what is the best way to get rid of this toxic masculinity.

Wow even if the call just takes 2-3 minutes imagine the amount of time this company has to spend on the phone on that day . Every single phone call will cost more than a Mach3 Power Razor. All callcenter lines will be busy after a while but that’s not enough. Many phone numbers from Gillette and P&G are publicly available on the internet but also check mail signautres, business cards or even letters you received and spread those on social media using the hashtag #ToxicPG so everyone can easily find it and has a chance to speak to someone from any P&G company. I’m sure especially managers and sales people will be glad to explain you how to get rid of this “disease” and chat with you instead of doing their work and make more money for the company.

Never get angry or insulting on the phone just be gentle then the call takes longer:)

P&G can show us now if they just wanted to do some cheap ad campaign on the back of MOST men or really wanted to help the world and get rid of the toxic masculinity and patiently answer to all our questions around this topic. The good thing is no one can stop this action and hinder us from calling publicly available phone numbers.

Thank you P&G for bringing up this issue to the world and trying to fix it – we wish you all good luck as this action doesn’t have to stop on January 30 but basically can go on for ….well forever.

Here some other opinions on this issue:

“We’re not talking about a small unrepresentative minority of misogynist and aggressive alpha males who hate the core premise of the ad, but rather a vast number of normal, decent, everyday men who feel alienated by this, and feel no resonance with the way the message is being communicated.”

“I, like the overwhelming majority of men, am absolutely disgusted by sexual assault, rape, bullying, so why throw it in my face as if my ‘gender’ as a whole is toxic,”

“ During the Super Bowl, viewers will have the unfortunate experience of watching the Gillette ad again. How many times, I don’t know, but one is bad enough. “

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